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Family-Centered Birth


Maitri Midwifery offers support in the empowerment of family-centered birth in Asheville, North Carolina and the surrounding area. Offering information regarding midwife or doula attended birth, as well as, prenatal and postpartum care from a holistic perspective. Maitri Midwifery provides information regarding pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time and supports women and families making informed choices about their birthing and wellbeing. Birth Tub rentals are available for families planning a water birth at home.

Philosophy of Care
Having a baby is a very important time in a family’s life. Having positive, knowledgeable people around during this time can make a big difference in how you feel during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. There are so many different choices to make and so many different options and resources.

Family centered birth is when birth revolves around the family.

When the choices a family makes, for whatever birth experience they are creating, are honored. When the care provider informs families of what is to be expected and options available, and then supports them in the choices they are making. Maitri Midwifery acknowledges and honors a woman’s body, mind and spirit and recognizes each for their influence in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and birth as well as, a rewarding journey in to parenthood.

If you are seeking a midwife, it is important to know that there are many different types of midwives. The variety is contingent upon ethics, philosophy, politics and spirituality. The common thread is the ability to provide care to women and families. Finding the midwife you resonate with is important. It is also important to fully understand the philosophical and political foundation in which your care provider is standing. In this way, you can relate it to the type of birth experience you are seeking and make an informed choice.



Holistic midwifery consultation

We provide information regarding holistic midwifery care, as well as, draw upon a variety of alternative healing modalities to resolve common concerns of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time.

Birth tub rentals for families planning a home birth

Water greatly reduces the pain of contractions, as well as, lowers blood pressure. When babies are born in water it tends to be a softer and more gentle transition. Water birth may not be for everyone, but is a wonderful option to explore.

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